The Same Old Bollocks

It’s the circle of liiiiiiiife, it’s the path unwindiiiiiinnnnnnng. Or something like that. You’ll have to ask Elton. (Looking forward to seeing “Rocketman”, by the way). Which is to say, things change. Life evolves. The one constant is that there is no constant. Yes, these Bollocks can be existential when they choose to. Which is …

Tour Dates

Upcoming Events

Past Events

May 2nd, 2018     The Shrine, New York, NY
May 4th, 2018      Carragher’s, New York, NY
May 6th, 2018      Carragher’s, New York, NY
May 15th, 2018    Sidewalk Cafe, New York, NY
May 19th, 2018    Parkside Lounge, New York, NY


June 7th, 2018      Connolly’s Klub, New York, NY
June 17th, 2018    The Delancey, New York, NY
June 26th, 2018    Piano’s, New York, NY
July 8th, 2018        Piano’s, New York, NY
Sept 7th, 2018      The Bitter End, New York, NY


Sept 15th, 2018     Desmond’s Tavern, New York, NY
Nov 2nd, 2018       Connolly’s Klub 45, New York, NY
Jan 25th, 2019       The Bitter End, New York, NY
Mar 30th, 2019      Desmond’s Tavern, New York, NY
Apr 18th, 2019       Connolly’s Klub 45, New York, NY

Original Music

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1107 Community



New York City based, all-female based band performing a mix of originals and covers; think Blondie meets the Pretenders or the Buzzcocks with a splash of 90’s guitar-driven garage rock thrown in with vocal harmonies.



LIXR is an independent Hip Hop Fusion group based out of Brooklyn, NY. Most noted for their dynamic live performances, LIXR’s musical influences fearlessly explore a variety of music styles while maintaining true to their island roots and love of Hip Hop, Soul and Jazz.

Reality's Dream

Reality's Dream

Reality’s Dream is a New York City based band focusing on alternative, indie, and classic punk covers and originals.

Started in 2018 by Dan Smith, James Melton and Jay Friedman.