About Us

The Dog’s Bollocks came into being as a concept. Not really a concept; more, a project. Not entirely a project; an idea. Actually, not entirely an idea; a direction. In reality, we met, we wanted to play, nobody could think of a better name, so here we are: The Dog’s Bollocks.

For the record, it’s not “Bullocks.” A bullock is a bull with no bollocks. Also for the record, in England if something is the dog’s bollocks, that means it’s the best. It might also be just “the bollocks” or even “the dog’s.” For example, “You are the bollocks!” Yes, it’s tricky.

If you google The Dog’s Bollocks, you’ll find all kinds of references. But there’s only one Dog’s Bollocks in New York City, and that’s us, even though not one single member hails from there. (Yes, we’re all immigrants, Donald). By name, we are:

Regan Glover – Lead vocals. From somewhere in Utah. She says she’s not Mormon..

Andrew Whitney – Bass. From somewhere in Rhode Island. The introspective one. The Shazam app is constructed from some of Andy’s harvested brain cells.

James O’Brien – Guitar, vocals. From London, England. An enigma, a riddle, layered, deep, nuanced, mysterious, irresistible to chicks. Also writes his own bios.

DP – Guitar. Hails from Mumbai, where they clearly know a thing or two about rock and roll. Dushyant claims to have missed the entire 80s and 90s….but he never says why.

Nishad Sawant – Keyboards. Guess what? Also from Mumbai and also a master musician. You’ve heard of the British Invasion. We’re starting the Indian Invasion! Get ready!

Michael Nevins – Drummer. Not from Mumbai. Life goal is to not be a victim of a bizarre gardening accident or spontaneous human combustion.

There have been other members of the Bollocks over the years: Fabio Bethlem, the Brazilian Bollocks, fecked off to Mexico for work, but now he’s back!; Dan Smith, designer of the original Dog’s Bollocks logo, so always a Bollocks in spirit; Chris Ferraro, a connoisseur of cheap beer and Long Island wineries and always a Bollocks because he’s happy to buy his round; Dave Murphy – aka Liverpool Larry – now domiciled somewhere we’ve never heard of in SE Asia; Ajay Sharma, the Bombay Bollocks, a man who never met a drumstick he couldn’t break; Bart Mol, a turtle in a former life (not sure if he means the band); Tommy Dunn, brought LA chic to the Bollocks, which was not easy; Joe Alves, was out of this world (check out his current band, Earth to Matilda).

The line-up has changed, but the music stays the same. We like to rock! Our motto is, “We will rock your bollocks off.” Gentlemen, beware. The music encompasses classic rock, blues, country, punk, disco – a little of everything. We do the Who, Sheryl Crow, Rush, Elvis, Chuck, Beatles, CCR, Don Henley, Foo Fighters, plus originals…that are hard to describe, come to think of it. But, rest assured – if it rocks, we play it!

Come and see for yourself. Check this site for our schedule. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (TheDogsBollocksNYC). And don’t forget to sign up here for our newsletter.

If you want to book us, e-mail Regan or James at thedogsbollocksnyc@gmail.com. They would love to hear from you.

Rock on.

The Dog’s Bollocks

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