A Drummer and 5 Dogs Walk Into A Bar
by on January 6, 2019 in Bollock's Blog

A  Note from Mike Nevins, a new Bollocks Who Bangs on Stuff

If you’ve made it to the body of this post, then it’s likely you know a bit about The Dog’s Bollocks. Until recently, I knew very little beyond the mysterious rumors and unnerving stories that one hears when lurking about at the entrance of the notorious Music & Arts building waiting for the door to open. There were of course the occasional disturbing news stories that appeared in the local papers. Far from the entertainment listings, these were the kind of stories that typically ran in the police blotter sections that covered local crime and quality of life complaints. Man bites Dogs and so forth. The stories were short yet compelling and defied explanation.

This local band had been building a great reputation on some of NYC’s most famous – and also most infamous – stages over several years. They were a talented team assembled from around the world. They played real instruments. They performed without turntables or drum machines. They even sang without autotune. I know, crazy.

But here’s where the stories got really strange.

The Dog’s Bollocks were a solid lineup, but they just couldn’t seem to maintain a lasting relationship with a drummer. Some talented players had warmed the drum throne for periods of time, but The Bollocks had replaced more drummers than Pete Townsend has replaced guitars.

Not unlike the mighty Spinal Tap, The Bollocks’ drummers had come and gone under a variety of mysterious circumstances. Some said goodbye, some didn’t. Some just suddenly disappeared. Perhaps these are mysteries best left unsolved.

The good news is that I happened to be “drummer seeking band seeking drummer” and The Bollocks (as usual) were “band seeking drummer seeking band.” An email and a phone call from DP about how to count an elusive rhythm turned into a serendipitous “If we / would you” conversation and one thing led to another.

Could this be the end of each of our quests to find band happiness?

Only time can truly answer that question. I’ve been having a ball (pun intended) playing with The Dog’s Bollocks and they seem to really like the way I show up. They also seem to appreciate how I bang on stuff most of the time. Already we’ve quickly found a strong groove and made some great music together.

I’m very happy to have been welcomed to the pack. I have no plans to disappear like those other drummers, but don’t wait too long to come see us play live. You never know what could happen. I could die onstage due to spontaneous human combustion, or elsewhere in a bizarre gardening accident or by choking on vomit (someone else’s vomit). Your safest bet is to come see us rock The Bitter End on January 25th at 7:00 PM. I’ll be the guy in back banging on stuff.

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